A detailed review of the specifications of the HONOR 90 Lite phone

In our current era, we find many smartphones that include incredible advancements compared to their predecessors. As a result, we observe strong competition among companies in the “flagship” category. It’s well-known that as competition increases, prices tend to become exorbitant compared to other phones.

HONOR recently announced its remarkable phone, the HONOR 90 Lite, showcasing impressive capabilities. It incorporates all the features needed for various purposes, whether in work or social media communication. The genes of flagship devices are evident in its finely designed screen, yet not everyone can afford it due to its high price.

What’s inside the box of the HONOR 90 Lite, 256GB version?

HONOR 90 Lite

Inside the box of the HONOR 90 Lite, you’ll find accessories not typically present in all phones. These include a specialized screen protector cover, wired headphones, and an adapter designed for it. The phone has a 3.5mm headphone jack, so users don’t need to buy additional accessories. Here’s a summarized list of its contents:

1. Special protective cover.
2. Type A to Type C cable.
3. Type C to 3.5mm adapter.
4. SIM card tray opening tool and some paperwork.
5. 35W Type A charger.

The flagship features are embedded in the design of the HONOR 90 Lite

One of the notable features of the HONOR 90 Lite is its dual prominent rear cameras, which are clearly positioned together. There is also a flash integrated in a bar design next to the new camera setup, which prevents the phone from being unstable on surfaces.

One of its aesthetic qualities is that it features a complete plastic design, suitable for the economical category of buyers.

The phone has a side frame with a thickness of only 7.48 millimeters, making it one of the slimmest phones in the flagship category. HONOR has also added a flat frame that allows for comfortable grip during extended periods.

On its right side, we find the integrated power button with top-notch optical fingerprint sensors, and right above it is the volume button. On the left side, there’s the slot for the SIM card.

Here are the impressive specifications of the screen

HONOR 90 Lite

When looking at the screen of the HONOR 90 Lite for the first time, you’ll be captivated by its beauty, especially without its protective cover. HONOR has managed to keep the separation between the screen and the body to just 1.1 millimeters.

The screen panel utilizes the best types of “LTPS LCD,” which ensures precise color consistency similar to “IPS” panels. However, it’s worth noting that these panels are generally more affordable than OLED displays.

The phone boasts a Full HD resolution with dimensions of 19.9:9 and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It certainly features an adaptive mode to protect battery life during continuous usage over extended periods.

The screen includes features from the HONOR Magic 5 series, which simulate color temperature to provide complete eye comfort in low lighting conditions.

HONOR mentioned, “We always strive to select distinctive features for our phones. That’s why we’ve incorporated the Circadian Night Display feature, which simulates the body’s circadian rhythm. A noteworthy point is that it increases the concentration of the melatonin hormone in the human body by 20%.”

Features of the HONOR 90 Lite Camera

The main camera of the HONOR 90 Lite comes with an impressive 100-megapixel resolution and features “High Res” capabilities. Even if the user employs the regular camera mode, it still produces images at a resolution of 25 megapixels. This resolution stands as one of the highest possibilities for smartphone photography compared to other devices.

The camera setup includes multiple lenses, one of which is a 5-megapixel ultra-wide camera. However, it’s important to note that full reliance on this lens might not be advisable due to its inability to provide extremely clear details compared to the main camera.

Here are the most powerful components included in the HONOR 90 Lite phone

HONOR has chosen to utilize a chip with Dimensity 700 specifications. The only difference lies in the name, and its manufacturing is undertaken by MediaTek on a 7nm architecture, providing exceptional performance.

The MediaTek Dimensity 6020 chip within the phone features an octa-core processor. This processor is divided into two “Performance” cores based on the Cortex-A76 architecture, with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz.

The phone’s performance was evaluated on the GeekBench 6 platform, achieving a score of 729 for single-core, 1922 for multi-core, and also attaining 41600 points on the AnTuTu benchmark.

Here are the key features of the HONOR 90 Lite battery

HONOR 90 Lite

Battery performance varies from one phone to another, but the HONOR 90 Lite battery is considered good in comparison to other phones in the same category. Users can continuously browse TikTok for around 12 hours, and similarly, watch YouTube for up to 14 hours without experiencing any charging-related issues. However, if the phone is used solely for calls and communication, it can last for two days.

Charging the battery reaches 55% in just 33 minutes. If the user intends to charge it up to 90%, it takes approximately an hour or a bit more.

It includes full Google services

The HONOR 90 Lite operates using the latest version of Android, “Android 13,” with the MagicOS 7.1 interface. Additionally, it fully incorporates Google services. However, it doesn’t implement Google’s specific tracking changes, which means it doesn’t support the “Material You” technology, one of the significant changes introduced to the Android platform.

The price of the HONOR 90 Lite is as follows

The price of the HONOR 90 Lite is approximately 899 UAE Dirhams, which translates to around 7504 Egyptian Pounds. This price is considered competitive, especially within the economical category.

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